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Having them call you is a much better position to be in than the alternative. Having the technology and the skills to help other business leaders, but with them not knowing you exist, is a frustrating place to be. Hi, my name is Jason Kanigan and I’m a business development professional. Typically, organizations bring me on board and individuals choose to have me work with them because they are:

* concerned with the low or nonexistent public profile of their firm and key people as subject experts

* upset that prospective clients don’t fully understand the value the company brings to the table, and don’t buy for that reason

* badly wanting inquiries to increase significantly as a result of effective inbound marketing efforts.

Detail about my background is here.

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  • Are you or your sales staff experiencing problems in your sales process–do you even have a sales process?
  • Are you a professional looking for rewarding work, and need a method that produces callbacks for interviews–FAST?
  • Do you think you’d feel much more comfortable in a job interview and get to the result you want if you understood more about the process, and what you were going to say?
  • Do you need to increase sales by having a clear, bold business development strategy that drives inquiries to you?

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