It’s been awhile since my last update, and that’s because I’ve been working like crazy. A recycling yard’s processes needed to be cleaned up, and a used auto parts business was looking for an operations manual to follow while setting things up. But I’m back with a link to share: recareered.com

Recareered.com is the most interesting job search help site I’ve seen in a long time. Years of advice logged there, plenty of job hunting topics detailed, even some funny stuff to keep your spirits up (oh, we know how important that is!). Even free webinars are available. If you simply hover your mouse over the dark gray headers at the top, lists of topics will drop down and you can pick the specific topic you’d like more info on.

I’m plugging away at a little google-based writer website for myself…when it’s done, I’ll let you know and you can all tell me what you think. In the meantime, if you think I could help you with your resume, interviewing skills or job search in general, drop me a line!