Dave Kurlan’s 10 Sales Competencies

I’ve been following Dave Kurlan for over a year now. His blog www.omghub.com is one of the best resources on consultative sales training. His OMG Assessment for hiring salespeople is a much-needed tool to be the step between resume review and interview in the hiring process. He is a thought leader in sales force development and has contributed in print with the likes of Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, and Zig Ziglar.


Today I was searching through his blog and found an incredibly eye-opening and useful series of articles. If you’re in sales, you’ll want to read these. They are the Kurlan 10 Sales Competencies: what you need to be doing and why.

Check them out here. You’ll be glad you did!


Later this month I’ll be doing a phone interview with Dave about consultative selling. I’m really excited about this, and grateful that he’s donating his time (after all, he could be off making hundreds or thousands of dollars for that billable hour)! I’ll be sharing that interview with you, so stay tuned!