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Like we began talking about in the post How to Find Unadvertised Jobs In The Hidden Job Market, I moved to the US in 2009 and wasn’t allowed to work during the Immigration process. That was the better part of a year. When I was finally allowed to work, I needed a job. So I’ve recorded the process of how I do this successfully and find work I’ll enjoy–so that you can, too.

Let’s get back on the topic of job hunting for a moment. Those of you who’ve read my earlier job search posts know I stress the following:

  1. Standing out to employers by being clear about who you are and what you want to do for them
  2. Fighting fear and panic
  3. Not settling for less than what you deserve.

Those are the “three legs of the stool” in my job hunting model. But why these three concepts?

This combination is what is required in order for you to end up happy. That’s your ultimate goal here: to find a role in which your skills, experience, temperament and desires match up, and you get paid what you’re worth in order to do it.

Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately for you, most people duck out of the process at the first available opportunity—settling for a position that isn’t the right fit, doesn’t match their personality, and/or lacks the remuneration that’s fair trade for the expertise brought to the table.

So you see it’s a three-step process. If you drop out in step 2 or 3, your stool will tip over and you’ll fall to the floor. You’ll end up unhappy.

I’d like to review the steps with you in a little more detail. This will also take care of some questions I’m sure many of you are screaming at the monitor, such as, ”Jason, what the heck about the lousy economy, and there not being many jobs available at all? Shouldn’t I just take what I can get?”

Yes, you should—if that will make you happy. If not, come with me. I’ll detail the three legs of the stool for the Kanigan job search happiness model for you in the next few posts.

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