Beating the Prospecting Blues, Steps Three to Six

Third, repeat after me: “Not wanting to talk with me right now is not Rejection. It just means they don’t want to talk to me right now.”
Write this on a sticky note and thumb it up somewhere you’ll see it every day. Especially while prospecting.

Fourth, do a little research on the company you’re calling. Not too much: I don’t want you getting over-awed by whomever you’re about to call. Remember, Vice Presidents and CEOs put their pants on the same way you do. They may have insulating layers of people between them and you and deal with numbers with more zeros on the end—but (and these are the stats of inside sales pros, not just mine) one out of every four times, the Big Cheese will pick up the phone, completely unprotected by a well-meaning gatekeeper. That goes for everybody from the owner of a 3-person company all the way to the Chairman of IBM.

However, it is important to know something about the organization you’re calling. Corporate or Non-Profit structure? Distribution or Marketing field? Accounting or Information Technology department?

Fifth, and very importantly, Pick Up The Phone.
Yep, this is tough. It’s what you get paid for, remember? If it was so easy, everyone would do it…but just about everyone, from company presidents on down, doesn’t want to. Usually the basic problem is that they’re viewing prospecting as “Dialing for Dollars”, and figuring they have to slavishly follow a script as they do it, worrying that they’re sounding wooden as they do it. Reverse these things. When the call is over, don’t spend too much time thinking about it. Start the next call right away.

Add this to your sticky note: “I am the best at prospecting around here.”

Because you are. Nobody else is reading articles, trying to improve their craft, putting in the effort to become a top salesperson. Prospecting means genuinely reaching out and discovering if there’s a way you can help the person on the other end of the line. If you cannot, it’s not rejection. What it happens to be is Not A Fit. And that’s okay. Knowing this, having the skills and right intention, and the laugh-it-off it’s-no-big-deal calmness to pick up the phone and call the next person is what will drive away those Prospecting Blues.


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