Cold Call Scripts That Don’t Work

Nearly all of the sales training advice you’ll find on the Internet tells you to get your features and benefits together in a list, and then start writing your cold calling script based on those benefits. Then you’re supposed to head on out there, start talking to people and hope that one or two of those benefits sticks enough that they’ll keep listening.

What’s wrong with this picture??!

Talking to all of those unqualified prospects is a great deal of work. And even if they will listen to you, there’s no guarantee that they won’t take the free education you just gave them and disappear. Off to find what you offer for the cheapest price. Yes, you turned it into a commodity.

What deserves high prices? Things that are scarce! If you tell them all about the things you do and how you do them, give away designs, layouts and expertise, you have made that thing commonplace to them. The price then becomes negotiable. “Bad Salesperson!” Swat.

Start thinking in terms of what problems your current customers have solved by using what you offer. Call them up and ask them why they chose to work with you. Be sure you get a deeper-than-surface-level answer. Although they probably have some level of trust with you now, it may take a minute or two of chatting and questioning before they tell you the real reason. Maybe they’ve even forgotten, temporarily, and need to remember.

Their main reason could be that you were the lowest price. That’s good feedback, but it also indicates something you must work on.

Their main reason could be that you helped them complete a process more quickly, and that saved them money (I’d start asking how much in round figures).

Their main reason could be that you gave them the capacity to start doing something they couldn’t before. Again, ask more questions.

Once you get four or five of these typical reasons people do business with you together, it’s time to start working on your script.

Jason Kanigan, EzineArticles.com Basic Author


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