Enthusiasm Is Your Enemy

Enthusiasm. Bleah. As salespeople, we’re supposed to ooze the stuff: it’s usually a listed requirement for sales positions, and if it’s missing many so-called sales experts get miffed. I remember some feedback from a phone interview not so long ago in which the business owner, who had professed to be familiar with consultative selling methodology, decried my lack of enthusiasm. I chuckled when I read the email. Clearly this individual did not understand consultative sales. Regardless, enthusiasm is gross. It’s the cheap cologne of the unprofessional salesperson. Can you imagine going into an electronics store, and having five sales clerks run towards you: “Can I help you?!” “Can I help you?!”

What’s your natural reaction to that? Right, you cringe. You put up the wall, announce that you’re “just looking”, and back away.

Consultative selling professionals have been known to frown. They sigh a lot ( “I think we have a problem.”) They confront issues honestly and head-on, instead of trying to avoid and gloss over them with false-faced “enthusiasm.”

Enthusiasm sure can get you into trouble. Remember that pumped-up sales guy you worked with who enthusiastically promised potential customers that your product or service could do anything? That someone would make it do that? Without checking, that the production department would be able to hit that super-quick turnaround? How’d that turn out?

Recall that I’m often talking about being scarce, about making your product or service or expertise scarce, because that’s where value and higher prices come from. Enthusiasm (or, “Sure, we can do that, anytime, anywhere, anyhow! Can we give it to you right now? For free?!”) runs you right onto the railroad tracks of the buyer’s method. Get several sources of supply. Make them equal. Tell them they’re all equal. Watch ‘em jump.

No, thanks. Keep your enthusiasm. I’ll keep my scarcity, my desire to uncover the real problem, and my freedom from the price objection.

Jason Kanigan, EzineArticles.com Basic Author


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