Feeling ‘Disabled’ In Your Job Hunt?

I saw something that made me want to continue on from the last post. Random surfing on cnn.com turned up Aimee Mullins. I hadn’t heard of Ms. Mullins before. Her story is fascinating.

Thanks to a birth defect, she had, from the shin down, both her legs and feet amputated. She was told the usual thing: that she would never walk, run, bike, swim etc. like other kids. Her determination, however, opened up so many doors for her that she learned how to become an athlete on prosthetic legs. Now on carbon-fiber feet modeled on a cheetah’s, she’s also an inspiring speaker.

Here’s the article and video. If you’re interested in seeing an example of someone turning adversity into a very valuable life–to the point of saying, if she could magically be given normal legs and feet, she’s not too sure she’d say yes at this point–take the ten minutes and check it out.

What do we take away from this to the job search?

The first thing that leaps to mind is this: keep knocking on doors, getting involved in conversations, being very clear about what you want help with. Ms. Mullins didn’t invent those prosthetic cheetah-like legs & feet…but she was banging on the door to ask the right people to invent them. And look what use of them she’s made!

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