How To Get Qualified Prospects To Talk With You

Last entry we discussed why features and benefits-driven scripts aren’t an efficient or effective means of finding qualified prospects. Then I suggested that finding out some typical reasons people have done business with you would be a useful task.

So let’s say you’ve got several of those reasons, understood and written down. If the main reason is that you have the lowest price, that’s a problem and we’ll work on it in a future entry. But let’s say you’ve got some good reasons…you sped up the completion of a process, retrieval of data, helped people work collaboratively on documents, increased uptime and decreased downtime…and you have some specific, measurable results of how well your products or services have worked out for your customers.

Now you’re in a good position to go find people at similar companies, and talk with them about problems that they, too, likely share. If your customer XYZ Company had this issue, you can bet ABC Company in the same industry has it too. And here you come along, able to speak directly about experience solving that problem!

Who is going to sound more knowledgeable, more industry-specific, more “in the know” about what’s going on in the organization you’re calling: some product pusher throwing features and benefits at the wall and hoping one will stick, or a problem-solver with experience fixing issues in very similar situations? Who do you think the top officer is going to listen to more closely? Have the deeper conversation with?

Put in the effort to get the typical reasons and try this out. Then drop me a line to find out how we can conduct the process even better.


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