How To Turn That Panic Volume Down!

So you’re looking for work, been doing so for awhile now, running out of money and things are getting scary aren’t they? You’re in “I’ll Take Anything” mode. Your heart goes up every time someone calls you for an interview, and plummets when you never hear from them again or are told No.

It is my duty to let you know: You’re in baaaaad shape.

The signals you are giving off to potential employers, not to mention the world around you, are clearly and loudly expressing your inner turmoil. Only a desperate, sleazy or unpleasant employer will hire you in this state, and that spells trouble.

We need to turn this around right now.

When you’re looking for work, the frame of mind you’re in directly affects how employers see you. If you are scrambling and needy, they’ll feel it. And they will back away. How do you feel when you go into a store and a (bad) salesperson comes rushing over crying “Can I help you?” You immediately perceive them as grasping, shut down, and move away. “No thanks, just looking.” This is precisely what happens when you, in your panic state, are interviewed by employers.

Where you need to be is the opposite: calm, unruffled, cautious, secure, with many options. Employers will move towards you. They will be attracted. The right kind of employers, too.

“I’m financially independent, and I don’t need the job.”

Say this to yourself. Get it into your head. Imagine what it would be like to have a bank account positively bursting with money. This is the foundation of taking that feeling of calm into the interview with you. An effective attitude will ensure you get hired more quickly.

If you’ve read my ebook, Get Hired!, you know that you produce more value than the employer pays you for. Your work is more valuable than you thought! And if you are clear about what it is that you want to do, you can better express that desire and how you will benefit the employer. That’s one of the key reasons why we don’t stay in “I’ll Take Anything” mode. Otherwise, you look slushy, unsure, without value.

A good resume will create curiosity in employers’ minds. With a sharp metal image of what you do and how you will benefit them, your effective resume will enable you to stand out. They will want to talk to you.

During the interview, you determine whether you are a fit. Maybe this boss would be a bad one for you. Perhaps you like to do things a little different every time, but they’re a by-the-book procedure freak. An interview is merely a conversation to determine fit. It is not the Great Event people seem to want to make it out to be. Don’t get sucked into the idea that the next interview you get will lead to your next job. Who knows, it might be an awful fit and you’d be miserable!

Are you in “I’ll Take Anything” mode? Are you panicking? Follow the instructions I’ve lain out here. They might sound like the exact opposite of what you should do…but how well have you done with your current way of looking for work? In the sales training that I pay for, I am constantly given techniques that appear to be completely the wrong way around; yet they work. I’ve seen it time and time again, enough that I do not question anymore–I just start doing. Don’t be too enthusiastic. Don’t be ready to fall over backwards to get hired. Those things, just like the poorly-trained salesperson, cause employers to move away from you. You are financially independent, and don’t need the job. Be scarce. Be sure of what you want, and how you create value. This will turn your panic volume down to zero, and the quiet confidence you exude in the interview will easily lead towards employers offering you the position.

Final advice: Make sure it’s a good fit. Taking a job just because it’s offered to you could be the worst mistake you’ll ever make.

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