What Happens When You Sell On Features & Benefits?

So we’ve learned that customers buy for their own reasons, not yours. They don’t buy something because of all the features and benefits you spouted out: they buy because some of those features and benefits accidentally matched up with solving some of the problems they have.

This seems an awful lot like walking down a twisty path while blindfolded and hoping you reach your destination successfully, doesn’t it?

Experienced salespeople like to show off their knowledge. That’s why they start listing off features and benefits the moment anyone shows the slightest interest. We call this “verbal diarrhea.” Unfortunately, this leads to one of two outcomes in a selling situation:

The potential buyer becomes overwhelmed, shuts down and backs away

The potential buyer gets a free education, thanks you, and then heads off to use that education to get what you offer at the lowest possible price.


We’re not functioning right here as salespeople, are we?


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