Why Your Job Search Drags On

What most people do when they lose their job, based on what I’ve witnessed, is not take it seriously enough.

They run down to the EI office to get their claim started, call their friends and family to give them the bad news, then go home. They might look at job ads, but more probably they spend the evening with a few drinks and possibly a confidante. The next few days are spent lolling around, getting used to the idea of being unemployed, taking time off. Maybe four or five days later they get their resume out and start marking it up.

Then the blizzard of applications begins. They start applying for everything in sight—usually through the same job sites everyone else is using—sending out 20 to 30 packages in a few days. At the end of this sprint, they’re tired, demoralized, and for sure not interested in putting together any more darn resume packages.

So after a week and a half we have a typical job seeker who is burnt out, demoralized, and figures they’ve done all they can do. Is it any wonder the job search drags on, while the EI dribbles in just enough to keep the situation going?

An uncomfortable thing that persists is one you aren’t taking seriously enough. If you were taking it seriously, you’d deal with it. Car breaks down? You deal with it. Roof starts leaking? You deal with it. No food in the fridge? You deal with it. Why, then, do you not deal with the problem of being unemployed?

If you ask for my help, I will not let you founder around in your job search. I will give you the process and the tools for an effective job hunt that will be over fast. You won’t be competing with thousands of other applications for the same one position. There won’t be any sprinting, no discouragement. You won’t be tired. Take your job search seriously, and get things started by sending me a message today.

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