Business Development

Hi, my name is Jason Kanigan, and I’m a business development professional with over a decade and a half of experience in turning the profitability of organizations around. Typically, companies bring me on board because they:

* are upset that a business unit or the entire firm is failing, and increased sales are badly needed

* have been frustrated in the past by sales managers who only knew one set of skills, and caused avoidable problems that lost money for the business

* want to enter a new market, but don’t know how, and need a difference-maker who will find key new clients.

The only business development professional you should hire is the one that treats his role like being in charge of their own “business-within-a-business”–and I give my employers that level of commitment. If that means working over 40 days straight including weekends to pull the business out of trouble, that’s what I do.

If your organization is experiencing any of these issues, we should speak. Drop me a note and let’s talk about your business.

Typical Deliverables

Usually my clients and I work on a project basis. We discuss and agree on the scope of the project and what’s expected. Then I assess what it will take to complete the project, and provide a flat fee for providing that solution. This pleases everyone because we all know what to expect. If you don’t happen to be in North Carolina, no problem!–all the work can be done over the phone and internet.

Some visitors still want to see a list of the types of deliverables. Here therefore are some of the projects I’m brought on board to complete:

  • Business Plans
  • Inbound Marketing Methods
  • Referral Systems
  • Corporate Policy Manuals
  • Instruction / User Manuals
  • White Papers
  • Advertising Copy
  • Technical / SEO Articles
  • Targeted Sales Letters
  • Website Copy
  • Press Releases
  • Cut Sheets
  • Promotional Literature
  • Fax Broadcast Sheets.

I enjoy startups–where a business is brand new and needs to get the word out that they exist and can help a target market. In this case I’m usually brought in to develop and implement an entire marketing strategy.

Also, I will come in under contract to be a true business development consultant for an organization: develop and implement the strategy and methodology myself. This service is especially of use to smaller firms that don’t have either the time or the manpower to gain the expertise and do it themselves.

Additionally, I develop call scripts and advise salespeople on how to use them. Each project, like each organization, is different. Often I have developed a basic framework of how to proceed for certain types of projects, but there are no cookie-cutter approaches here. Let me know that you’re looking for help today, and let’s get talking about your business.