Get Hired!

Are you looking for work, and finding yourself:

  • frustrated with the lack of callbacks on your resume submissions, and want to find out what is wrong
  • having no idea how to “stand out” to prospective employers and get the conversation started
  • confused by the entire jobhunting process, and need help with what to expect, and what to talk about?

If you’re looking for personally & financially rewarding work there are a number of things I can do to help you get hired FAST! From over a dozen years of professional experience, both from myself and many others that I’ve worked with, I can tell you this:

There’s one little secret that makes all the difference to turn languishing, confidence-sapping attempts at finding work into swiftly-concluded job hunts.

It has nothing to do with your “network.”

It has zero to do with your “education.”

It has zilch to do with your “industry experience.”

I offered a seminar on unorthodox job hunting methods “from the front lines” at BCIT years ago. Also, I worked with several non-profit and government-funded organizations to do what’s called a mock interview for job hunters. We videotaped simulated interviews, and watched them for feedback and improvement. I still have the thank-you cards from the students. Additionally, I spoke to senior high school classes about the job market they were about to enter.

In my last Vancouver job hunt, I sent out about 20 resume packages. I received 10 callbacks, 4 qualified in-person interviews, and 2 offers that would pay the equivalent or more than what I had made before — one in a field I had no experience with. All in less than three weeks. I had never heard of these companies or people before. Most experts say a 1 – 5% callback on your resume is normal. So you can come to your own conclusions about the effectiveness of my methods.



If you need help now, there are things I can do for you, but frankly they don’t come cheap. Here’s the criteria:

  1. If you think you can afford my help (as a guide, you ought to be shooting for positions paying at least $40,000 a year)
  2. and while you’re not happy with how your job hunt is going
  3. you still have some cash in the kitty because I don’t work for free very often,

why don’t you drop me a line on the Contact page, to see if there’s anything I can do to kick your hunt into high and effective gear. My system is designed to make you stand out as a unique person to employers, and make them curious enough to want to talk to you. Also, it ensures that you will find a fit with work you enjoy, not the first thing that comes along. I’m talking about: what to do about your resume…why cover letters don’t matter…how to focus your effort and apply to fewer potential employers, yet get stunning results…what to say in the interview–and how to say it…the key to organizing yourself before the interview, so that you’ll always know what to do next…how to get the offer on the table…and more.



The Get Hired FAST! job hunting ebook by Jason Kanigan is now available!

We’re talking rapid-fire techniques and knowledge that you need to get your head straight and you available for work, focus, prepare a resume that will get you massive callbacks, and what to do in the interview so you get the job!

I know, for job hunters, money is often tight. That’s why I’ve written this ebook: to make this critical information, won from so many personal, painful experiences, now available to you. Need resume help? Want to know what to expect in the interview?




“In Get Hired FAST! Jason Kanigan sets out not to change your life but to change your thinking, enabling you to make the changes in your own life. This is no quick fix, off-the-shelf self help guide: this is a well researched, well written and most importantly well thought out manual detailing practical action steps to not only get you back to work, but to help to get you the job you want. This book makes no claims to change your life, but it will provide you with the tools to do so. I highly recommend!”

J Craig Melia

CEO – Social Evolution Ltd

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