OH NO, Writing!

If that’s what you hear yourself groaning or wailing when you have to get words arranged to mean what you want to say, then perhaps we should talk.

Good writers create big value and call for a strong investment

I see craigslist postings where someone wants a writer to work for free or peanuts. If it’s such easy work, then why don’t you go ahead and do it yourself?

Take Webpage copy, for instance. That’s quite different than writing direct mail copy. If you don’t know how to get the impact that sends a tingle up your website reader’s spine, and gets them all hot and bothered to get ahold of you for your products or services…good luck.

As a six-year appointee to a committee of municipal council that exclusively looked at grant applications, with the purpose of recommending which proposals should get funding and which should not, four of which I was elected chairman, I know a thing or two that can help you get your proposal backed.

Need help writing? You can benefit from my painful and rewarding experiences that others have paid for, and contract me to develop:

  • Proposals
  • Advertising / Marketing Copy
  • Website Copy
  • Direct mail pieces
  • Analysis documents
  • Resumes

and anything else that requires you to manipulate words to produce action. Email me at jason@jasonkanigan.com to book a time to discuss your project.