The Key Secret With Resumes…

…is that nobody reads them. Not in detail. Based on all my personal experience, that of the hundreds of job seekers I’ve helped, and interviews with many HR professionals, and having been a hiring manager myself, I can tell you that employers do not read your resume.

They scan.

They scan the top third of the first page of your resume. If you don’t make the case of why they ought to talk to you in that small space, goodbye. It’s over. Hello trash bin.

For the straight goods about what to put in that small space to generate immediate callbacks, stay tuned for the e-book Get Hired FAST! or send me a note.

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What Is This?

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I’m a guy who has worked in a number of different fields, from construction to engineering to factory management, and so I generally know what I’m looking at when I walk into a new situation. Primarily I’m a sales professional–meaning that I am dedicated to sales as a profession, and actually have training in the field. What this all translates into for you is that, when it comes to jobhunting or writing, I’m the best friend you’ll ever have.

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