How To Get a Grip On Your Job Search

Here’s something I hear from people all over the world: “I hate my job. I want to leave. But I have responsibilities…I have payments to make, people to support. It’s just not easy to change when you’ve got these things to worry about.”

I agree. It’s really easy to get emotionally involved. Why wouldn’t you?

Because it’s a bad idea. Imagine yourself as some other person, with you as an outsider looking in on that life. What would your reaction to their situation be? How would you react? What would you say?

Probably something like: “Wow they’re miserable. They have to make a change. And they even know what would make them happier! Why don’t they go get it? I should let them know…” We’re talking Admiral ‘Obvious’ Ackbar screaming “It’s a trap!”

Stop. Imagine yourself at your most weak and vulnerable. No job, no money, nothing on the go. Well, at this point you’ve got two choices, don’t you?

1. Roll over and die.

2. Get up, dust yourself, off, fight and make it work.

Those are your only choices, aren’t they? Die or survive. And, I think you’ll agree, they’re both self-created.

Rationally, at this point, you agree then—we choose to do the things that need doing to either survive or die. Problem is, in real life, this doesn’t work. People are scared. They deny this. So tell me, how do you reconcile these facts?

Intellectually, you know it’s your choice whether to live or die. Yet why, when confronted with a lousy work situation, a loser boss, a destabilizing environment, why do you stay on? You’ve forgotten the basics.

Emotion is what messes you up. If you were another person looking at your life, you’d shout “Change it! Now!” without pause.

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The Importance of Clarity

I run into this kind of thing all the time when helping people with their job search (see if this sounds like anyone you know):

Me: “So, what do you do / did you do at work?”

The Other Guy: “I made sure stuff turned out. I understand business goals, and I worked with (programmers, engineers, accountants) to achieve the outcomes the client wanted.”

Me: “And that means?”

The Other Guy (TOG): “There was a (programmer, engineer, accountant) who was really good at the technical side of things, but they only had one speed: fast forward. Whatever the client asked for, this person would say sure, they could do it.”

Me: “So what did you do?”

TOG: “I was the contact between the clients and the technologists.”

Me: “So what was it that was special about what you did or how you did it?”

TOG: “I made sure the projects resulted in what the clients expected…”

As you can probably tell, this isn’t very helpful. For your job search, your resume and what you say to potential employers, you’ve got to get what it is you do clarified.

If you ever want to make above-average money, and get your job search over with quickly, you are going to have to stand out to employers. If you are unclear about what it is that you do that makes you special, you are going to be just another commodity. Commodities live and die by price. Cheapest supplier wins. Hello, low salary. You have to be unique. The key to being unique in an employer’s eyes is to be clear about what it is you have to offer.

The rest of the applicants are going to blubber and go on and on as in the above example. If you are able to communicate the key few things you do well so that the employer gets a ringingly clear picture of how you are going to benefit their organization, you’re going to stand out like crazy. And when it comes to salary discussion, you’ll have much more leverage at the negotiating table.

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Seeking killer job hunting tips for a really low investment? Check out my ebook, “Get Hired FAST!