Push or Pull?

Let’s talk about the intent of your sales process for a moment.

Are you trying to push your prospects into buying from you, or pull them into buying from you?

In my opinion, both those approaches are wrong.

Selling based on features and benefits results in trying to make the prospect buy from you. Whether you attempt to:

Push them into buying from you, by forcing your values of the features and benefits of your product or service on them, or

Pull them into buying from you, by trying to attract them with those same values, and hoping they will match up with their own values,

and you will have an ineffective and inefficient sales process.

If you’ve read some of my articles on resume writing and the job hunting process, you’ll note a similarity here. The employer does not hire you (and the prospect does not buy from you) for your reasons. They buy for their reasons.

So if you can’t push and you can’t pull in the sales process…what can you do?

Stay tuned for the answer…