So You Really Want To Be A Top Salesperson?

All right! After several months of searching for the right fit, and hopefully something that would meet my income requirements while allowing me to stay in Wilmington, NC, I’ve found and been working in a good role. I’ve found a sales training organization here with a process that matches up very well with the consultative methodology I learned in Vancouver.

Since the sales process is now the main topic of my work, I’m starting a new category and series of entries on it here. Now, the stats say it takes 10 years of dedicated practice and study to become a top-level salesperson. Many other people exist who know more than I do, including the founder of the organization I’m working with. However, that is a goal of mine, and I’ve been on the path for some years. Compared to most people I am pretty sure I know quite a bit about sales.

Just being a salesperson for 10 years doesn’t cut it, by the way. You can put in the time but not the heart, and be not much more competent than you were the year you started at the end of the decade. So if you want to get really good at the sales process, answer me these questions:

1. Are you committed to selling as a profession?

2. How many articles and books are you reading on sales every month?

3. Do you have a sales coach to help you improve your performance?

Here are some comments from me to you about answering those questions:

1. That means no parachuting out back into another field of work when things get a little uncomfortable!

2. As many articles as you can find, and at least one book, I hope!

3. This will probably cost you money, but will be well worth it—especially since the vast majority of companies provide no or ineffective coaching!

You are not likely to get any help out there if you truly want to be a top salesperson. You’re going to have to commit, learn and get coaching on your own.

I’ll leave you for now with this thought:

Selling is both the worst paid, lowest work and the most highly rewarded, intelligent and passionate work out there.

Jason Kanigan, EzineArticles.com Basic Author